The feelfree Kayak Experience UK

It's not just a kayak, It's an Experience!

It won't take you long to realise why so many people choose Feelfree Kayaks. When you buy a Feelfree Kayak, you are buying into a whole new way of enjoying life, on a craft designed specifically for this purpose. The feeling of setting off on your kayak on a new adventure is nothing short of exhilarating, and you can be sure that a Feelfree Kayak will add to the comfort and enjoyment of your time on the water. Whether it is family fun at the beach, cruising the open ocean, exploring inland creeks and lakes, or fishing for the big one, you will be making memories to last a lifetime... it's all part of the Feelfree Experience. So let's see what's behind it all...

Original Designs

Feelfree are at the leading edge of innovation within the paddling world. Unique hull designs, feature-laden outfitting, luxurious seating, efficient pedal drive systems, powered motor options and more!

These innovations weren’t developed overnight. It’s all a result of our attention to customer feedback combined with over 30 years of design and development experience, complemented by quality craftsmanship. Kayaks are evolving quickly, and Feelfree are right there pushing the wave of innovation.

Feelfree Kayak Design
Maximum Enjoyment
Reassuring Stability

Feelfree has lead the way in development of stable craft with our range of unique hull designs. Our craft are the perfect choice for the first-time paddler wanting reassuring stability as they take their first paddle strokes, or for the experienced paddler just wanting to enjoy the water in comfort.

Stable Feelfree Family Kayak
Sit back and take it all in
Superior Comfort

Paddling in comfort is key to an enjoyable time on the water, especially for those longer sessions. Feelfree recreational kayaks can be fitted with several seat options to suit your paddling style. Many Feelfree fishing kayaks are supplied with high-back and super comfortable raised seats for the ultimate in all-day comfort whilst you sit back, relax and cast a line.

Feelfree Comfortable Kayak Seat
Feelfree Raised Seat
Easy to Move Off-The-Water

Kayaks are not the easiest things to handle off the water. Even the lightest kayaks are still a bit awkward to move due to their size and length. Feelfree have made things easier. Almost all Feelfree Kayaks feature the patented Wheel-In-The-Keel so that you can pull the kayak along on it's stern. Combined with the sturdy moulded-in grab handles, moving your Feelfree Kayak off-the-water just got a lot easier!

Feelfree Wheel-in-the-Keel
Create your dream fishing craft

The fishing world is wide and diverse. Whether it is fishing freshwater for Pike, Perch, Zander and Trout, or fishing the open ocean for Bass, Pollack and Cod, you will want your kayak set up to suit. Feelfree fishing kayaks offer lots of accessory mounting options, including the UNI-Track system, removable electronics pods for fish finders and large cargo area for adding a crate of gear. Create the fishing craft of your dreams and go catch a big one!

Feelfree Fishing Kayaks Rigged

Choose your kayak

Feelfree offers a wide range of kayak options covering recreational sit on tops, touring kayaks and fishing kayaks, with models to suit the first-time paddler on a budget, up to the keen enthusiast who wants an advanced craft for kayak fishing. Whether it is family fun at the beach, long days touring and exploring the coast or lake, a spot of fair-weather fishing or the hardcore year-round angler - the Feelfree range will have a model to take you on your next adventure.


Feelfree Kayak Range